IT Solutions

Project Management
Our Project Management team has gained valuable experience working in the IT industry for over 10 years and gained expertise in utilizing “Industry Standard" methodologies and practices. Having this experience is a MUST in this ever-evolving IT industry and helps us provide positive proven results for our clients with maintaining speed in the current market, re-engineering existing Business processes, and cost savings in a diverse IT systems environment. We provide support in Solution Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Software Testing methodologies.
Product Development and Implementation
Evaluation and Selection
We specialize in helping our clients explore all the options available in the current market, and make an informed decision while evaluating and selecting the “Right” IT solution and ascertain a definitive direction for their Business model. We believe in proposing the “Right” set of products for our client and not a preferred set of products. Some key high level questions that need to be considered are:​


  • Would an “Out-of-the-Box” solution suffice the Business needs?·        
  • Would a “Custom Solution” be required to achieve the Business solution?·        
  • What would be the Budget required to implement the solution?         
  • Should the solution be implemented in phases?



Implement (Build/ Procure)
 Once the “Right” solution has been selected, we sketch out a solution Road Map and utilize our experience to implement the technology while adhering to the “Best Practices” in the market at the same time. We partner with other vendors and our client’s internal IT team as well.

Some of the technologies that we work on are:


  •          SAP and Oracle ERP

  •          Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, Open Source) 

  •          Infrastructure/ DevOps (UNIX, Windows) 

  •          Java/J2EE 

  •          Mobile web HTML5 

  •          NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET 

  •          Open Source Web 2.0 

  •          Oracle, PL/SQL 

  •          Quality Assurance and Testing 




ERP Solutions
Web Services
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