At SLRIS, We help our clients achieve successful results by aligning Engineering solutions to business goals. Our consultants have skillsets that span across the broad spectrum of Technical and Non Technical including, strategy, infrastructure, application and product development. We offer myriad IT and Engineering consulting services for Clients.
We’ve been consulting to telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers. Our experience and relationships extends your access to a qualified pool of network experts, technologies, advisors and services. Our engineers have a rich history of work in the telecom domain. The breadth of our client pool results in expertise in both in legacy products and leading-edge solutions.


Industry Expertise:
    We have credibility and respect in our markets because of the depth of our knowledge in the industries we serve. We know our client's business problems, the trends impacting their industries, and the processes required to achieve results. Our clients consistently tell us we are unmatched in our deep understanding of their business and the technology challenges they face.


Experienced Workforce:


    We have the most experienced workforce in our industry. We are technologists, strategists, and consultants of remarkable personal accomplishments. We are constantly learning, deploying new skills, and offering new solutions. Our extensive business and technology experience and commitment to our clients drive our success.



Our Business Strategy:


    The basic challenge faced by any company while developing an “Idea” is to convert that “Idea” into a feasible “Solution” and defining goals to “Implement” that “Idea”. Companies tend to think that bigger the “Idea”, higher the budget and greater are the risks involved with implementing that “Idea”. 
​    We at SLRIS believe that implementing an “Idea” is dependent ONLY on the “Solution Roadmap” taken towards achieving the goals. Proper planning and setting definitive targets will definitely help with achieving “Goals” with tremendous success. We are committed to achieving our client’s goals every step of the way. Our experience has proven that below key initiatives will help convert our client’s “Idea” into a working “Solution”. Utilizing proper “Tools” and “Techniques” helped save “Time” and “Money” for our clients.


Enduring Relationships with World-class Clients:
    We have a rapidly growing client list of world-class organizations. Each year, build new connections and virtually all of our most significant clients  renew their relationship with us to assist them in deploying innovative solutions to address new business challenges. Our main focus is on developing client relationships for life, and the relationships we build are based on insight, commitment, and accomplishment.


Project Management:
    Our Project Management team has gained valuable experience working in the IT industry for over 10 years and gained expertise in utilizing “Industry Standard" methodologies and practices.
    Having this experience is a MUST in this ever-evolving IT industry and helps us provide positive proven results for our clients with maintaining speed in the current market, re-engineering existing Business processes, and cost savings in a diverse IT systems environment. We provide support in Solution Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Software Testing methodologies.
Strategic Alliances with The Market Leaders:


    By collaborating with the leading hardware and software companies, we quickly deliver the best technology solutions for our clients. The strength of our relationships with market leaders SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, IBM, Big Data are well publicized.But our track record of forging early relationships with the emerging technology companies is equally impressive. Our combined resources and innovations provide increased client satisfaction and reduced risk in new technology deployment.
    Our ability to understand exactly what solution business requires, and our commitment to innovate solutions that step outside of the realm of black and white solutions, allows us to exceed our client expectations. When business needs to improve their IT, workflow or implement new technologies,Our highly skilled consultants are ready to go and help clients in providing innovative, creative consulting services.
IT Services and Skills:


Cloud Computing

  • Applications

  • Platform

  • Infrastructure



  •  SAP

  •  Peoplesoft

  •  Oracle

  •  Workday

  •  Sucessfactors


ETL Tools

  •  Extracting the data from source systems (SAP, ERP, other operational systems), data from different source systems is converted into one consolidated data warehouse format which is ready for transformation processing

  •  Transforming the data

  •  Loading the Data


Data Wareshouse (Data Warehouse Architecture - Image/flow diagram)




Data Mining


Web Services

  • Java

  • .Net

  • VB/.NET

  • Oracle

  • C,C++

  • PHP

  • Node.JS

  • Protocol Specifications :

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

Representational state transfer (REST)

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)

  • Frame Works:

.NET Framework

Java Web Services Development Pack




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