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IT Security

The business landscape is dynamic and so is the threat landscape. The rapid rate of increase in disruptive technologies with social, mobile, big data and cloud have greatly impacted strategies of protection. Such technologies will keep getting complicated and raise the needs of security in IT. The constant evolution will also make it exceedingly problematic for the existing security controls to prove their integrity and risk intellectual property (IP), as well as, enterprise data. Hence, businesses must have a strategy to bring forth efficient situational awareness and enterprise security risk management by utilizing monitoring, in-depth strategies, reporting and analysis.

At SLRIS, we make the most of our expertise of a huge pool of talented security connoisseurs to provide IT security solutions that can attend to the main difficulties faced by today’s companies. We are here to better the flexibility, agility and cost-efficiency of the next-generation requirements of compliance programs and information security.

Our Offerings
Application Security Testing
Our experts perform web application penetration testing, which involves tests like Data Validation testing, Authentication, and Authorization testing, Error Handling, UAT testing, and Session Management.
Data Security
Our data security services are advisory based and recommend a complete technology solution for protecting sensitive data in your firm across use, creation, and transmission.
Security Code Review
We have a team of security programmers, who evaluate the programming code for backdoor entries and vulnerabilities and suggest what has to be changed.

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