At SLRIS, we understand that both Business and Technology go hand in hand and believe in focusing and implementing the latest technologies to run a successful business and stay competitive in modern day market. We are the experts in Technology and can collaborate with our client’s Business experts to develop a successful project plan. We can help map out a Business Strategy for our clients by analyzing their current state of IT, present IT trends in current market, and help make decisions regarding their Technology needs and decision making. Some of the key points that need to be considered for a successful Business decision making are listed below 
Once the “Right” solution has been selected, we sketch out a solution Road Map and utilize our experience to implement the technology while adhering to the “Best Practices” in the market at the same time. We partner with other vendors and our client’s internal IT team as well.
Support Strategy
We specialize in providing “Support” to our clients. We guide our Business to analyze their current IT structure and provide resource recommendations for implementing and supporting a project solution. We can provide a complete support team or partner as an “Add-On” to client’s existing IT team. Our goal is to provide a dedicated and reliable qualitysupport to our clients.
Business Concepts


At SLRIS, we believe that Technology is constantly evolving. The fundamental principle while proposing a Business Solution is to understand the technology entirely and analyze all the different functions within the Technology. This helps our clients understand the relevant functions within a Technology and take an informed decision making towards a better future.
Information Technology (IT)  Governance
This is a key contributor towards a Business decision making. We specialize in Performance Management, Risk Analysis and Mitigation. We strongly recommend having an IT governance structure in place for our clients to ensure that everyone within an organization (Leadership team, Business, IT team, and Stakeholders) gain valuable insights in the technology. This is an important contributing factor for a successful implementation of a solution.
We specialize in helping our clients explore all the options available in the current market, and make an informed decision while evaluating and selecting the “Right” IT solution andascertain a definitive direction for their Business model. We believe in proposing the “Right” set of products for our client and not a preferred set of products. Some key high level questions that need to be considered are ​


Would an “Out-of-the-Box” solution suffice the Business needs?
Would a “Custom Solution” be required to achieve the Business solution?
What would be the Budget required to implement the solution?
Should the solution be implemented in phases?
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